Have you ever felt like tearing your hair out at work? Or banging your head against a brick wall? Relax! Be assured that you are as normal as anyone else, with a ‘live or die’ attitude towards everyday office situations, such as an impossible deadline, workplace inconveniences/challenges and a heavy workload. But over time, this mounting hazard has the potential to wreak havoc on more than just your work performance. If you are unable to reduce stress at work, it is guaranteed to seep into parts of your personal life as well.

At HQ10 co-working and private office space, we have woven our business model to effectively reduce the varied stresses that business owners and employees are subject to. In fact, we help them move towards ‘ZERO STRESS’ and emerge as more effective and more productive in today’s go-go-go world.

Here’s how HQ10 combats stress:

Zero Investment Stress
Now we all know that starting an office and subsequently running it is no joke. There could be no bigger stress than the burden of making the initial capital investment for the rent advance, interiors, furnishing, etc. At HQ10 you are absolved of this financial stress, because there is no rent deposit/advance – instead you pay just a monthly rent and that too only for the space you actually use (thanks to the flexible space policies of HQ10, which allows you to block and use space as and when you need it). And of course the plush interiors and ergonomic furniture come as part of the package.

Zero Expense Stress
Haven’t we all experienced it before … the nightmares of running up expenses that we have either not adequately planned for or those that have cropped up unexpectedly. Giving us sleepless nights on the d-dates when we have to make payouts for these expenses. At HQ10, you’ll experience no such shocks. Because the monthly rent you pay is ‘all inclusive’ – not just for the space but also includes: electricity, telephone, high-speed internet/ wi-fi / cloud server, power back-up, collection/ delivery/, reception desk services, use of business amenities (such as use of TV/ projector for presentations), pantry/dining area, after-work leisure amenities(like library and PlayStation), office maintenance, security and so on.. To top all this, the monthly rent is truly pocket-friendly

Yet another stress relief at HQ10 comes from their transparent policies on deliverables and pricing. Very simply put there are ‘No Hidden Costs’. So somewhere down the line you will neither hear ‘this costs extra…’ Nor ‘This is not included in this cost’. Simply put, ‘What you Plan/Budget is what you pay’ and at the same time ‘What HQ10 promises is what you get’.

Zero Time-Wastage Stress
Time is the biggest stress creator especially when we find that we have worked more than 16 hours and yet not delivered our work – because we wasted a good few hours in trying to address office maintenance challenges. HQ10 treats ‘Time as Money’ and helps you manage your time more productively by slashing down the time you need to spend on running and maintaining an office

HQ10 takes full charge of the office space maintenance – right from the security to the office cleaning to the working of the pantry, electrical/ telephone/ internet connections, air-conditioners, and other utility facilities. Which means no more stress in running behind repairs or scouting for temporary skilled workers to fix daily breakdowns and so on

Zero Non-productive Working Stress
Lack of business amenities is a big culprit when it comes to business stress. At HQ10we have a full suite of business support services – high-speed internet/wifi, cloud server, photocopying, digital outputs, presentation gadgets, reception/collection and delivery services and more. And we make sure that all these run seamlessly to ensure that your business runs productively. Reach out to our staff – our administrative team is all about helping you get the job done. From photocopying to scheduling, bookkeeping, and all of your back-office tasks, we are here to help.

Zero Fire Fighting Stress
Life is unexpected ….and so is business. We never know when an opportunity /threat may crop up.

For instance, It could be something as simple as – ‘requiring a projector for a client presentation’ or ‘500 digital outputs needed in 30 min‘ to something as complex as ’10 additional seats required overnight‘ or ‘posh meeting room required to entertain‘. And our stress levels simply go up!. HQ10 beats this stress down in one shot – as they are geared up and ready for any kind of emergencies/surprises the working members would spring on them

Zero Scouting Stress
At some point, every business needs support advisory services from other industries. It could be a bookkeeping advice or a legal complication or IT challenge or piece of communication to be developed or a connection to be established or just a simple pep-talk. Finding the right person at the right cost is indeed a challenge and a big stress. At HQ10 you automatically overcome this by networking with like-minded professionals from varied industries – learning, contributing and growing together

Zero Clock-Watching Stress
You have a deadline. The office doors and lights shut after the sunset… and you are left high and dry. Sounds familiar! Right? But at HQ10 you’re free of this ‘Clock-Watching Culture’ – thanks to its 24x7 access policy

Zero Boredom Stress
Most of us who are working, end up spending 50% of the waking hours at the office. So instead of being a moron staring at your desk or a Robo meddling with virtual avatars on the phone – at HQ10 you get a chance to interact with like-minded people during your work breaks. Professional Socializing always is a big stress buster and also widens your network.

Zero Monotony Stress
When you are sapped out and stressed, don’t push yourself more. Instead, take a few minutes break and recharge yourself. HQ10 has Step Out / Stress Break Zones – here you can simply relax on a bean bag listening to soothing music or settle in the library nook and read up your favorite author or unleash your gaming skills at our Play Station or step into our Cafeteria and exchange some gossip and professional notes.

Zero Access Stress
How often have each one of us stressed ourselves in rush-morning hours, trying to convince a cab/auto driver to drive us to a specific location or in hurrying (I mean literally running a race) from the station/bus stand to reach office on time? At HQ10 you can bid goodbye to this access stress. HQ10 is centrally located at Guindy in Chennai. So you will not face the peak-morning irritation and stress of having to convince or haggle with a cab/auto driver to drive you down to the office. HQ10 is just a few minutes’ walk from the Guindy Station / Metro Station and Bus Terminus.

With a perfect splash of muted and energetic colors, an open flow layout with quiet zone cabins, a generous sprinkling of artworks and well marked de-stress zones, HQ10 provides a ZERO STRESS affordable work environment for all.