Necessity, they say is the mother of invention. No doubt. But I will go a step further. Technology is the mother of necessity. For example, I wonder if my great-grandfather spent the entire summer (without even a fan) sweating or dying of heat stroke. But today you and I would find it difficult to imagine even a single afternoon without air conditioning. Or for that matter how say 40 years back people managed to live and work without a mobile phone. Arguably this is one of the best examples of how technology and very importantly its easy and increasingly inexpensive availability has created a belief that it is mandatory for every person in society to able to be in constant touch with everyone else. Quite a few people may consider it a nuisance, but we are all so inextricably tangled in it, that it is impossible to visualize a world without it.

Let me hasten to add that there are quite a few things where technology has facilitated a perceptibly positive change, where there are hardly any disadvantages and even if so, the benefits far outnumber them. One such is the emergence of Virtual Office – a product of technological innovation and the coming of Information Age. Simply defined, it is a notional space in which one can do all that one normally does or gets done in one’s office. Except that there is no physical space that you will occupy and pay for.

It is indeed interesting to explore the evolution of this concept. When telephones became common, physical meetings came down. With Skype and Video chats came within the reach of the common man, the need for physical meeting almost vanished. The logic was simple, if you have to see or talk to a person, it is not necessary to do it physically and people readily took to it as it meant substantial saving in the effort, time and money. The concept of Virtual Office is quite similar. You don’t have to own or rent physical office space to run an office!

Say you have the need for

  • Business address (in a prime area)
  • Business telephone number
  • Receptionist to handle incoming calls
  • Dedicated mail management to send/ receive/ reply/ forward messages

The virtual office offers all these with a high degree of efficiency.

You also want a trained, professional team who can actually represent your business and pass on the leads to you? Yes, a virtual office can provide this too.

Suppose there are a few occasions when you actually might need a physical meeting room. No problem, many virtual offices do provide well-appointed meeting rooms, which can be rented by the hour. Not just that they can also provide secretarial and catering assistance too. As people express more needs, I am sure, the virtual offices will quickly add more to their basket of offerings.

No wonder the concept of virtual offices is fast catching up. So much so that, It is no longer a question of “Why a Virtual Office?” It is more often “why NOT a Virtual Office?”