Shared office space is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for individuals, SMEs, small teams and even sub-offices of large corporate.

While most of them offer the basic office space, only a few have been thoughtfully designed, keeping in mind the needs of the customer. HQ10 in Guindy stands apart as a modern luxurious co-working space that is sure to consistently deliver customer delight.

HQ10 – the coworking space that is designed to improve productivity

The 24×7 access offered by HQ10 empowers you to work at your own time and pace and not be restrained by office hours. And the WIFI enabled premises with uninterrupted high-speed internet links ensures that you always stay connected.

At HQ10, you can not only choose your workspace, you can modify it to suit your preferences. What’s more! These flexible and customizable workspaces come with no long enduring agreements, leaving you the luxury of changing the configuration based on emerging needs and wants.
HQ10 has a fully equipped Repro Station. So you don’t have to run around to meet support needs like printing, scanning, photocopying, lamination, binding, etc. Having this facility in house can save you significant time and cost.

If you want to set up a conference, HQ10 has the perfect answer with a bouquet of meeting rooms ranging from four to eight to fifteen seats. These rooms are plug and play equipped with white boards, projector and screen, so that you can have fruitful discussions with minimum fuss.

HQ10 understands that for high productivity, some avenues for relaxing and building bonhomie are a must. A 50-seater café offers the ideal spot for chat sessions over gourmet coffee & tea and snacks. A reading nook and gaming zone with Foosball & Chess act as perfect stress busters, to help you get back to work with renewed vigor.