I not only saved ….but also earned more at HQ10

The one thing on most people’s mind when looking for shared work space or co-working space is to save some money. They do not have to spend on rent advance, huge monthly rentals, setting up and running expenses and so on.I was no different, I calculated the money require to set up and run one’s own office, apart from the rent (and of course the rent advance), there was also the cost of partitions, furniture, telephones, internet, security, house-keeping, pantry, crockery cutlery and million other things, to have a decent office running. And the ever-increasing cost of technical maintenance people, to attend to plumbing, electrical and network issues.

I, therefore, came to the same conclusion that most people do, unless there are overriding compulsions, it makes sound business sense to move into shared office space and co-working spaces. So that you can actually save some money.

After I moved in to this co-working space called HQ10, I started realising that I had actually saved more than what I had estimated, as the kind of ambience, furniture, fittings and all other services that HQ10 were far superior to what I had imagined and would have costed far more than what I had imagined.

But, that’s not what this note is all about.

The first two days were spent in patting myself for the ‘intelligent cost-saving’ decision of mine to move into HQ10. Moving in was so seamless, without the need for any shifting downtime. The phones, the internet, the printers, projectors were all up and running from the very first minute. And when I asked for a slight rearrangement of my seat, it was attended to without any fuss. It was perhaps on the third day that I realized, I was gaining something which I had not planned or anticipated.

The stress-free environment at HQ10, was actually acting as a catalyst to improve my efficiency and I found that my success rates had gone up quite a bit. Also, as there was no need on my part to supervise the professional experts providing support services, I was saving a lot of time, which I could put back into more effective work.

I also found to my pleasant surprise, that the other occupants in HQ10 were like-minded, friendly people. So much so that the coffee breaks I took in between work were turned in to invigorating recharge time with the lively and enjoyable conversation with them.

And as a bonus, I found a tremendous opportunity for purposive networking with co-occupants, which is actually helping me build my business. In essence, I went into HQ10 to save, but ended up not just saving but also earning more!