Gaurav Khanna and his four close colleagues, after a 15-year stint into a hi-fi corporate work culture, decided to pursue their heart’s passion which was all about gamification of education materials for NGOs working with economically and socially deprived children. At first the living room, kitchen and bedroom served as an office space. But very soon it became challenging – family disturbances, non-professional work ambience leading to an in-disciplined work culture and a load of daily hassles – because of which they couldn’t focus on their business. Realising that they had outgrown the ‘Home Office Set up’, they decided to look for a formal office and drew out a checklist of what they needed to do:

  • Search for a rented house or office space.
  • Pay advance – 10months rent.
  • Broker charge one month rent.
  • Renovate the house / Office space with all necessary office setup as per need.
  • If it is a house the electrical connection to be changed to commercial.
  • New Internet connection.
  • Setup a Pantry and maintain it.
  • Housekeeping to be hired.
  • Parking space – if it is a house.
  • Security of the office if it is a house.

Then suddenly it dawned on them, that they could get rid of all the “PAIN” by simply opting for Co-working / Shared Office Spaces where all these and more are “READY MADE”. Yes, Co-working / Shared Office Space is the trump CARD for not just Gaurav Khanna but also to many other self-employed, start-ups and small firms to run a successful business.

HQ10 a new generation private office and Co-work space located in the heart of Guindy provides office space for start-ups, freelancers, small businesses and even corporates who are looking for expansion. As against conventional office spaces, HQ10’s offering can help POWER YOUR BUSINESS. Let’s see how:

  1. Connecting with Like-Minded people: Working in isolation prevents you from interacting and honeycombing with people in your industry. At HQ10 there is a mix of professionals of varied profiles and therefore it ends up as a melting pot of inspiration, energy and business networking. Enjoying the energy of individuals who share the same philosophy as you, can open many doors for your business, and help you expand and grow your professional network base. Further Co-working provides instant access to a larger database of knowledge – since there are all kinds of people working in these spaces, financial wizards, start-ups, businessmen, creative minds, IT nerds, marketing gurus and more, If you are having problems in any of these fields, you can take the help of these people.
  2. The HQ10 Co-work space ambience is efficiently calm and will help you concentrate and work even harder. The energy in other workers will inspire you to do much more than what you could earlier.
  3. Lower costs. – Shared office spaces are almost always cheaper than their full-office counterparts. Leasing an office space has a dual expense – rent advance and monthly overheads. Whereas at HQ10 Co-working space, your setup costs are cut down, scalability becomes as easy as hiring an extra work desk as and when required and thus its cost-effectiveness makes sound business sense.
  4. Reduce Cost- You don’t need a cash outlay for installing all the latest office technology that is crucial for effective interaction with colleagues and client. And you don’t have the hassles of administration too. It’s all included in the HQ10 Co-working space pricing. Printing facilities, high-speed internet connection, computerised phone system, reception assistance, coffee lounge and more. You can enjoy access to the office facilities of large corporations, without the high financial demands and maintenance requirements, giving your business a professional air.
  5. Smaller commitments – Leases tend to cover periods of several years, and owning a building is an investment that can (or should) last for at least a couple of decades. HQ10 Shared office space, on the other hand, can be reduced to monthly, daily, or even hourly rentals. If your needs do change often, this is a critical arrangement.
  6. Flexibility – Flexibility is the name of the game in the HQ10 Co-working universe. The multitude of options range from – separate meeting rooms, flexible seating arrangements, dedicated desks/seating arrangements on a monthly, weekly or even a daily basis, private cabins and even virtual offices – to suit the budgetary requirements of individual professionals or start-ups.
  7. HQ10 Co-working facilities, help entrepreneurs find office spaces that are no less than that of any multi-national company – equipped with required amenities such as WiFi, fax, conference rooms, recreational areas, etc effectively providing a fully functional and serviced solution ready for occupation without the hassle of setting up one.
  8. Fewer responsibilities. – In HQ10 Co-working space you have fewer responsibilities to worry about. Things like cleaning and maintenance are taken care of by the building’s owners. This is one reason why millennials tend to prefer renting over owning; most of the annoying tasks and responsibilities are already assigned to professional experts. There is also a group of support staff who will help you in routine chores — you will no longer have to take your own printouts or make your own coffee.

So if you are a start-up/entrepreneur looking to grow your business, start with a smart move and get going with the HQ10 Trump Card.