I just couldn’t stop smiling.

And strangely people around me were wearing pretty smiles on their face too.

And as the day passed, all our smiles kept growing – bigger …. and bigger …

Was it some ‘infectious smile’ I was beginning to wonder? Am I spreading it? Am I catching it from someone?

Or am I in the Land of Giggles and Smiles? Where, as a little child I had often wondered … every time I read Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree

I pinched myself again and over again – and was convinced that I was experiencing something very real —at this new generation co-work space called HQ10 at Guindy in the city of Chennai. And I realised they were working their smile magic on me as well as on hundreds of others like me.

Here’s a snapshot on how they work on this smile magic…

HQ10 takes full charge of the office space maintenance – right from security to office cleaning to pantry to working of electricals/ telephone/ internet connections, air-conditioners and other utility facilities. So you can simply focus on your work – without having to worry about the hassle of running behind repairs or scouting for temporary skilled workers to fix daily breakdowns and so on…

Adding to this advantage is the fact, that they are geared up and ready for any kind of emergencies/surprises, that the working members would spring on them – It could be something as simple as 500 pages of digital output required immediately ora sudden board meeting requiring high tech presentation equipment and mugs and mugs of coffee

Yet another ‘Happy Working’ highlight of HQ10 comes from their transparent policies when it comes to deliverables and pricing. Very simply put, there are ‘No Hidden Costs’. So never will you hear stuff like ‘This costs extra” or “sorry this is not included”. Simply put ‘What you Plan/Budget is What you Pay’ and at the same time ‘What they promise is What you get.’

This hassle-free blissful working sure gives you 100% PEACE.

Next let’s hop on to the advantage of having a prestigious arterial address location and a corporate-style ambience, packed with a whole spectrum of utilities and amenities. Not to forget, the business network connects and hassle-free working, all of which operate in perfect harmony to give a value worth much more than what you actually pay. In fact, it is 9Star Benefits at 3 Star Price.

Further strengthening this ‘Value-Price’ benefit, is the flexibility they offer while taking up office space. You are given the freedom to choose your space as per your hourly/daily/weekly/monthly requirement and you end up paying only for what you use.

Undoubtedly all these benefits together give you 100% VALUE.

Now, my mind says 100% Peace and 100% Value would work together and give 100% Happiness. But my Heart says – it doubles my Happiness to 200%.

And what doubles this Happiness is probably the community networking and engagement one experiences at HQ10 together with the ‘Personal Touch’ that the HQ10 Team so carefully nurtures.

Here at HQ10, every day, as I walk into the office, I am greeted by the ever so friendly people with dreams and ambitions like me. And the bonding is so strong that over a period of time I have seen a positive behavioural change in me – my temptation to fiddle with my virtual avatar through social media has gradually come down – instead I am looking forward to real life interactions and associations with my workmates, which not only empowers my knowledge and business connects but is also gradually making me making me work as a ‘Happy Human’ rather than a ‘Moron Robo’

And now coming to the ‘Personal Touch’ , which is again quite unique to HQ10. After I started working from HQ10 premises, I slowly started forgetting my ‘Six Sigma’ (or less the clutter, the better the focus) theory of the B-school days. Today my desk is almost fully loaded (some may think it is cluttered but why would I care) with my knickknacks – a colourful mug, weird table tops, a glimmering copper water bottle, a painted stone and more. This personal touch invites me as if saying ‘This is your Happy Work Space’ (unlike my earlier workspace which used to be bit staid and boring).

Having experienced all these, I have now wholeheartedly bid goodbye to the mundane conventional work set-up. By moving into HQ10, not only do I feel energized with 200% Happiness, I find I am actually able to successfully pursue my business goals with every moment of the working hours filled with what I can only call genuine job delight.