I am smitten by this new generation workspace bug ‘co-working spaces’ that offers business efficiency and networking together with substantial cost saving. The curious person that I am, I couldn’t resist an exploration of this kind of workspace …so here I embark on this journey.

Before I get started let me first share with you the kind of person that I am – a potent combination of moods, whims, fancies which also dictates the kind of office space that appeals to me every now and then. So here is me: ‘ Monday – The Serene Thinker – Hungry for my own privacy’, ‘Tuesday – The Analyst – Crazy to pick intelligent brains’, ‘Wednesday – The Hot-Blooded Creator looking for creative minds who can double up as bouncing boards’ ……and the list is endless. So I always have the devil in me questioning – ‘Are these staid, standard-format new generation co-work spaces for a person like me? Let’s find out……

I open the doors of this newly launched private office and co-working space called HQ10. And I find myself stepping into an elegant and not just well-lit and cheerful but also energetic lobby. Smart and friendly executives greet me with a warm smile, which definitely made a good start to my day. I start out with ‘I am not sure about whether I want…..’ and pat comes to the reply from the friendly staff ‘Never mind, Spare us a few minutes and allow us to take you through a tour of HQ10 Private Office and Co-Work Spaces’.

I was walked through winding corridors of elegant closed private cabins – compact, fitted with comfy desks – 3/5/7/15/20 seaters and some even with an enclosed cubicle. ‘Ideal for those who want privacy and thinking space’ my friendly guide said – and I wholeheartedly agreed as the soft blue and grey décor and beautiful art piece that adorns the wall, subtly triggered my thinking. Painting this picture perfect were groups of corporate teams efficiently going about their work.

From the corporate dignified world, I was ushered into an open workspace, fitted with deep brown artistically crafted desks. As I was just registering this rustic ambience, my guide politely interrupted my thoughts stating ‘Our Co-work spaces meant for those who want work to be lively and productive. And we have two types – Dedicated Desks for those looking for co-working with privacy and Shared Desks for those looking for co-working as a group’. And believe me, this was more than true – with groups of dreamers and doers working, bonding and networking.

‘We have more ‘my guide said. ‘More…? I asked with disbelief. And she went on to explain, yet another kind of workspace – The Virtual Office, meant for those who simply wanted Telephone Answering and Despatch Services.

Again my guide quipped ‘Last but not the least we have well-appointed Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms and Discussion Rooms, fitted with all presentation gizmos that you can ask for ‘

My mind reeled with positive thoughts ‘So here is MY SPACE —-Private Cabins for the thinker in me, Co-work Dedicated Desks for the analyst in me, Co-work Shared Desks for the creator in me’. ‘Now I get the full picture.’ I told my friendly guide….’No! Not still.’ she replied with a mischievous smile.

HQ10 Private Cabins and Co-work Spaces offer you all the amenities of a Business Centre – Cloud Server, High Speed Internet, Wi-Fi, Presentation Equipment, Digital Printers, Scanners, Photocopiers, Fax Machines, Collection / Despatch Services, Air-conditioning, 100% Power Backup, House Keeping and Security Service and 24 x 7 Access. And don’t miss this! HQ10 Private Office and Co-work Spaces are not just about work. It is very much about after work fun too.

I was now whisked into HQ10’s Leisure Zone complete with Play Station 4, Library and cosy couch chairs to relax. Where you can chill out, gossip and network with your like-minded community. Then I had a peek-view of the compact pantry and dining area, where you can munch away your own lunch and sip cups of coffee and tea which is on-the-house.

‘Well!’ I said, ‘ I guess all this comes at a fat price’. To which my guide’s prompt response was ‘Not at all. Actually, it comes with a saving. Because HQ10 Private Office and Co-work Spaces give you the power of flexibility. You can take space and as and when you need it. You save on rental advance. You share electricity, telephone, housekeeping and other operational costs. So if you do a proper math you’ll realize that HQ10 is all about saving than about spending’

‘Wait! I have one more question’, I said a little sheepishly, ‘HQ10 has a beautiful ambience, but you know what, somewhere down the line when I work I would want to add a personal touch to it. ‘‘Of course’ my guide replied, ‘HQ10 is your personal workspace. You are free to do up your desk the way you want it – may be a few nostalgic photographs, cute posters on your pin-up board, colourful stationery and anything else that cheers you’.

Soon my guide and I sat down to choose the kind of workspace that would best suit my needs. Armed with a complimentary HQ10 Stationery Kit (apparently it is a welcome kit they give a gift to every member), I walked out as one more happy HQ10 member

Now as I come to the tail end of the article, I just can’t wait for the next week – when I will actually start working out of HQ10. Until then ‘Happy Guessing’ whether ‘I will start off as a ‘Thinker or Analyst or Creator’