1. Scalability of space
Most shared and co-working spaces offer standard inflexible space clusters and basic equipment. On the other hand, HQ10 is designed keeping in mind that the customers’ needs do change. The spaces at HQ10 are conceived to offer scalability and are available in a wide choice of private offices of different sizes/co-working spaces, dedicated/flexible workstations, conference and meeting rooms. Moreover, HQ10 is fitted with the most modern equipment, be it for communication or presentations.

2. Ambience
HQ10 has been created to exploit all the advantages of co-working. The layout, décor, furniture and everything else have been chosen to ensure a conducive work environment and actually increase productivity. For example, the ergonomic furniture is not just convenient and comfortable, it is also sure to reduce stress and improve well-being.

3. Technology
Digital is the current mantra. HQ10 is equipped with the most modern and best of technology to add efficiency at every level. Its fast and reliable internet connection, high-speed network and the robust WIFI enablement ensure near-zero downtime and saves precious time being wasted in removing glitches.

4. Security
Very often you may have concerns about having to leave your work overnight in the office. HQ10 with its triple layer security ensures that no unauthorized person can ever have any access to your work or workspace.

5. Playtime
Man is not a machine to work non-stop. HQ10 appreciates this and hence has built inadequate space for taking a break or spending leisure time. Within its premises are a pleasant cafeteria, a reading room and a games room with PS4 play stations, where you can unwind and get recharged before you return to work.

6. No hidden costs
Quite often, after you sign up with a co-working facility, you will realise that many of the facilities they offer are not included in the tariff. So, it is possible, that the very reason for your choice turns out to be impractical because of its additional high cost. At HQ10, the tariff is transparent and clearly tells you what it covers. The few things which may be ‘pay by use’ are clearly stated. So that all the surprises that you expect at HQ10 are only pleasant ones.